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Prospective Student Athletic Trainer

Student athletic trainers play a vital role in the continued success of our athletic programs. Each student athletic trainer is given the opportunity to participate in all activities directed out of the Cougar Athletic Training Room: Injury prevention, recognition & evaluation, initial management, and rehabilitation activities. Student athletic trainers assigned to work with a specific sport work all practice sessions, cover all home events, and often accompany the team on the road. Because of the nature of college athletics, you must be prepared to occasionally work early mornings, in the evening, on weekends, and over some holidays.

While specific duties and responsibilities vary with each student athletic trainer according to experience and capabilities, certain general responsibilities exist. Each student athletic trainer is expected to:

  • Strive for success in the classroom.
  • Correctly apply effective taping, wrapping, and padding techniques.
  • Follow through on training room and event procedures.
  • Recognize common athletic injury situations.
  • Complete proper first aid care and emergency procedures.
  • Follow through with general injury management activities.
  • Follow the correct application techniques of physical therapy modalities.


  • Willing to learn
  • Exceptional dependability
  • Sincerity towards service
  • Capable of working without supervision
  • Friendly attitude / Fun to be around
  • Is resourceful and demonstrates common sense
  • Can keep training room / team events and comments confidential
  • Is loyal to both the college and the athletic department


Academically, student athletic trainers have the opportunity to complete a two-year curriculum designed to prepare one for almost any college/university program. Most student athletic trainers pursue a career in some avenue of health, physical education, or recreation. A special course of study is offered for the student interested in pursuing a career in athletic training. Past student athletic trainers have achieved careers in education, exercise science, osteopathic medicine, physical therapy, chiropractic medicine, nursing, and emergency care.
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Students making the decision to attend Barton to begin their college education find that such a decision proves to be very cost effective. A “tuition and books” performance award is available to help selected student athletic trainers meet college expenses. Eligibility for this performance award requires Kansas residency.

Prospective Student Athletic Trainer Questionnaire

Once we have received your completed questonnaire, additional information regarding our program will be sent. Should you have further questions or concerns, be sure to contact Ken Henderson at  (620) 792-9371 or via email