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Cougar Athletic Training Student Alumni

The Cougar athletic training student alumni have laid, and continue to support, the foundation of the sports medicine department’s ongoing success.

“I never dreamed, back in January of 1981, that I would see our program become one of the top community college athletic training programs in Kansas, and quite possibly the NJCAA.”  - Ken Henderson, Head Athletic Trainer

Graduates, and those who chose to leave early, have all had an impact on our program. The links to each decade’s athletic training students can be found below. Hopefully, no one has been left out.
     The 1980’s
     The 1990’s
     The 2000’s
     The 2010’s

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The experiences of each athletic training student have led them on to a variety of career paths:

  • Athletic Training
         Barton's Certified Athletic Trainers
  • Education / Coaching / Sports Administration  
  • Exercise Science / Nutrition
  • Physical Therapy / Physical Therapy Assistant
  • Medicine / Nursing
  • Business Adventures
  • Etc…

Assistant Athletic Trainers 

The sports medicine department’s growth at Barton would not have been possible without the addition of associate and assistant athletic trainers as noted below:

Katy Winder (Associate AT): 1999 – 2000 
Matt Luthi (Assistant ATC): 2000 – 2004 
Ryan Zink (Assistant ATC): 2004-2006 
Jason Parks (Assistant ATC): 2007-2012 
Joe Pettitt (Assistant ATC): 2012-2014 
Jonathon Lovercamp (Assistant ATC): 2014-2018 
  Ashley Rasmussen (Assistant ATC): 2018-Present