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2018 Hilltop Hoops Classic Information


(All games live video streamed courtesy of Scott Mitchum, USD 112 - Central Plains HS)

Monday, Jan 22:

6:15pm - G1: (2) Little River won 48-39 over (7) Ell-Saline 
                 Radio: 100.3FM or online 
                 Radio:  101.7FM or online  (*Covering Ell-Saline)

8:00pm - G2: (3) St. John won 37-32 over (6) Larned
                 Radio: 100.3FM or online     
                 Radio: *106.9FM or online  (*Covering Larned)   

Tuesday, Jan 23:

4:30pm - G3:  (6) Larned won 47-31 over (7) Ell-Saline
                 Radio: *106.9FM or online  (*Covering Larned)  
                 Radio:  101.7FM or online  (*Covering Ell-Saline)

6:15pm - G4: (1) Central Plains 94-14 over (8) Ness City
                 Radio: 106.1FM or online  
                 Radio: 104.7FM or online  (*Covering Ness City)

8:00pm - G5: (4) Moundridge 49-34 over (5) Macksville
                 Radio: 106.1FM or online    

Thursday, Jan 25:

4:30pm - G6: (5) Macksville 52-45 over (8) Ness City (Video)
                 Radio: 104.7FM or online  (*Covering Ness City)

6:15pm - G7: (3) St. John 42-24 over (2) Little River (Video)
                 Radio: 94.7FM or online    

8:00pm - G8: (1) Central Plains 61-34 over (4) Moundridge (Video)
                 Radio: 94.7FM or online 

Friday, Jan 26:

3:00pm - 7th Place Game: (7) Ell-Saline 53-36 over (8) Ness City (Video)
                 Radio: *106.9FM or online  (*Covering Larned)   
                 Radio:  101.7FM or online  (*Covering Ell-Saline)

4:30pm - 5th Place Game: (5) Macksville 40-39 in overtime over (6) Larned (Video)
                 Radio: *106.9FM or online  (*Covering Larned)  

6:15pm - 3rd Place Game: (4) Moundridge 43-34 over (2) Little River (Video)
                 Radio: 106.1FM or online     

8:00pm - Championship Game: (1) Central Plains 60-26 over (3) St. John  (Video)
                 Radio: 106.1FM or online    


Competition Champions:

Free Throw: Emily Ryan - Central Plains (59-of-60)
3-point Competition - Lyset Ibarra of Macksville & Rachel Lamatsch of Central Plains - tied w/37 pts

Barton Foundation Scholarship Drawing winners:
*Books & Tuition Scholarship: Grant Heldstab of Central Plains
*$500ea Scholarship:  Ashlyn Unruh of Moundridge, Angela Valenzuela-Rosales of St. John, & Melanie Renken of Little River
*Scholarships apply for full-time Barton CC student, applied towards cost of face-to-face classes

Previous Years:

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Tournament Stats
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Team Rosters

Complete Game Program

Tourney Seeds:  
*As of 10:30pm, 1-26-18
1) Central Plains (12-0)
2) Little River (9-4)
3) St. John (8-4)
4) Moundridge (7-5)
5) Macksville (7-6)
6) Larned (2-10)
7) Ell-Saline (2-12)
8) Ness City (0-13)

Free-Throw Competition Competitors/Results:
(Each Competitor has 3 rounds of 20)
Central Plains: Emily Ryan
1st Rd: 20-of-20; 2nd Rd: 19-of-20; 3rd Rd: 20-of-20 = 59/60
Ell-Saline: Lexi Kochanowski
1st Rd: 17-of-20; 2nd Rd: 17-of-20; 3rd Rd: 14-of-20 = 48/60
Larned: Alyssa Clark
1st Rd: 15-of-20; 2nd Rd: 15-of-20; 3rd Rd: 14-of-20 = 44/60
Little River: Melanie Renken
1st Rd: 19-of-20; 2nd Rd: 15-of-20; 3rd Rd: 16-of-20 = 50/60
Macksville: Denise Galan
1st Rd: 18-of-20; 2nd Rd: 12-of-20; 3rd Rd: 20-of-20 = 50/60
Moundridge: Bethany Stucky
1st Rd: 12-of-20; 2nd Rd: 17-of-20
Ness City: Jocelyn Walker
1st Rd: 14-of-20; 2nd Rd: 12-of-20; 3rd Rd: 10-of-20 = 36/60
St. John: Torre Fisher
1st Rd: 19-of-20; 2nd Rd: 14-of-20; 3rd Rd: 17-of-20; Total: 50/60

Three-point Competition Competitors/Results:
(Each Competitor has 3 rounds of 60secs)
Central Plains: Rachel Lamatsch
1st Rd: 12pts; 2nd Rd: 14pts; 3rd Rd: 11pts; Total: 37pts
Ell-Saline: Ashton Travis
1st Rd: 5pts; 2nd Rd: 18pts; 3rd Rd: 11pts; Total: 34pts
Larned: Baylea Perez
1st Rd: 6pts; 2nd Rd: 11pts; 3rd Rd: 10pts; Total: 27pts
Little River: Emma McBride
1st Rd: 7pts; 15pts; 3rd Rd: 10pts; Total: 32pts
Macksville: Lyset Ibarra
1st Rd: 12pts; 2nd Rd: 12pts; 3rd Rd: 13pts; Total: 37pts
Moundridge: Kassidy Kaufman
1st Rd: 3pts; 2nd Rd: 12pts; 3rd Rd: 15pts; Total: 30pts
Ness City: Baylee Holecek
1st Rd: 15pts; *Missed 2&3rd Rd to sickness
St. John: Tara Nelson
1st Rd: 6pts; 2nd Rd: 6pts; 3rd Rd: 6pts; Total: 18pts